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individual shows
2004. Press Review, Mala Galeria, Warsaw, Poland.
2004. Press Review, Peak Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
2003. Five Cities, Peak Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
2001. Brothers and Sisters, Mala Galeria, Warsaw, Poland.
1997. Polish Gothic, Studio Wizya, Paris, France.
1988. Five Cities, Piwna 20/26, Warsaw, Poland.
1986. 1,2,3, Piwna 20/26, Warsaw, Poland.
1985. The Critical Point, Kunststation Kleinsassen, Germany.
1985. Intersubjective Investigations, Labirynt 2, Lublin, Poland.
1984. Tractatus Chaoticus, Mala Galeria, Warsaw, Poland.
1983. Atavizm, Videoforum, Lódz, Poland.
1983. Scores for Birds, Pracownia Dziekanka, Warsaw, Poland.
1980. Exercises in Photography, Foto-Medium-Art, Wroclaw, Poland.
1977. Spacer, Mospan, Warsaw, Poland.
group shows
2007. Time Remebered, Centre for Contemporary Art - Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw, Poland.
2004. La Disparition, Galerie des arts visuels de l'Université Laval, Quebec.
2003. Cluster(03), Peak Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
2003. Zanikanie - La Disparition, Centre for Contemporary Art - Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw, Poland.
2002. digitalBIEDERMEIER: re/producing the private, [d]vision 2002, Festival For Digital Culture, Vienna, Austria.
2002. 07(group), Web Del Sol / New Media, USA.
2002. The Planetary vigil of NetArt 2002, Quebec.
2002. Reload, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Turkey.
2002. Landscape,, France.
2002. The Land Project, Kid Koma, Italy.
2002. Mirror at the bottom - artists portraiting themselves, A Virtual Memorial and Le Musee di-visioniste, Cologne, Germany.
2002. Biennale Internationale de la Photographie et des Arts visuels, Liege, Belgium.
1998. Tactile Video, Interaccess, Toronto, Canada.
1997: Polish Avant-guarde Books, Artpool, Budapest, Hungary.
1997. WebWeavers Wokshop, Interaccess, Toronto, Canada.
1993. International Artist's Book Exhibition, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.
1992. Pages and Books, Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland.
1991. Polnische Avantgarde und Malerbuecher, Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbuettel, Germany.
1990. Book, and what next, Raczynski Library, Poznan, Poland.
1989. Drawing - A Laboratory Show, Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland.
1988. null-dimension, New Space, Fulda, Germany.
1988. Drawing Triennial, Wroclaw, Poland.
1988. Konkrekt Acht, Nurenberg, Germany.
1987. Polish Avant-garde Books, Artpool Research Centre, Budapest, Hungary.
1987. Freiraum, Kunststation Kleinsassen, Germany.
1986. Internationales Kuenstler Gremium, Sprengel Museum, Hannover, Germany.
1985. Internationales Kuenstler Gremium, Stadtgalerie, Saarbruecken, Germany.
1985. Prozess & Konstruction, Munich, Germany.
1985. Zeitgenossiche Fotografie Ost und Sudeuropas, Kunstmuseum, Duesseldorf, Germany.
1985. Contemporary Art from Poland, Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Canada.
1984. Internationales Kuenstler Gremium, Kunsthalle Museum Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany.
1981. Construction & Process, Lódz, Poland.
1980. Unit T, Slad, Lódz, Poland.
1979. Experiment 79, Filmmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
1979. Works & Words, Foundation De Appel, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
1978. The Young Artists Biennale, Sopot, Poland.
1978. Fotografia - Stan Aktualny, Pracownia Dziekanka, Warsaw, Poland.
1978. Unindetified Activities, Labirynt, Lublin - STK, Lódz, Poland.
1975. Seven Polish Artists, Kunstahalle Malmoe, Sweden.
publications [work]
2007. Time Remembered [exhibition catalogue], Centre For Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland.
2006. 1,2,3... Avant-Gardes [art anthology], Centre For Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland.
2004. Press Review [individual show catalogue], Mala Galeria, Warsaw, Poland.
2003. FotoTapeta 3 [art magazine], Warsaw, Poland.
2003. The Land Project [web project],Kid Koma, Verona, Italy.
2003. IHighway [web project], JavaMuseum, Cologne, Germany.
2002. Mirror at the Bottom [web project], JavaMuseum, Cologne, Germany.
2002. 7(group) [web project], Web del Sol Association, Washington, US.
2002. Le Paysage / Landscape [web project],, Paris, France.
2002. Reload [web project], Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Istanbul, Turkey.
2002. VPAR.VPNA_02 [web project], Vigil of planetary net art, Quebec, Canada.
2002. Digital Biedermeier [cd-rom-www], [d]vision - Verein für Medientheorie & digitale Kultur und WUK, Vienna, Austria.
2002. La Disparition [exhibition catalogue], Centre Culturel Le Chiroux, VU, Yellow Now, Liege, Belgium.
2001. Bracia i Siostry [individual show catalogue], Mala Galeria, Warsaw, Poland.
1999. ArtBase [web archive], Rhizome, New York, United States.
1997. Art and Book [web project], Artpool, Budapest, Hungary.
1994. Piwna 20/26 [art anthology], Fine Arts Academy, Warsaw, Poland.
1993. Repassage [art anthology], Galeria Zacheta, Warsaw, Poland.
1990. Pracownia Dziekanka [art anthology], Fine Arts Academy, Warsaw, Poland.
1989. Inne Miejsca, Konart-Sakowski [booklet], Warsaw, Poland.
1988. PRO 3 [art magazine], The Foundation PRO, Dordrecht, Netherlands.
1988. Null-Dimension [exhibition catalogue], Galerie new space, Fulda, Germany.
1988. Konkrekt Acht [exhibition catalogue], Kunsthaus Nuernberg, Nuernberg, Germany.
1987. Freiraum [exhibition catalogue], Kunststation Kleinsassen, Hofbieber-Kleinsassen, Germany.
1985. Intersubjective Investigations [exhibition catalogue], Galeria BWA Lublin, Poland.
1984. Tractatus Chaoticus [individual show catalogue], Mala Galeria, Warsaw, Poland.
1984. Zaklad Remont [exhibition catalogue], Riviera-Remont, Warsaw, Poland.
1983. Scores for Birds [artist's book], Warsaw, Poland.
1982. Fabryka [underground art book], Lódz, Poland.
1979. Tomasz Konart Fotografia 1977-1979 [booklet], Galeria P.O. Box 17, Warsaw, Poland.
1979. Skrien [film art magazine], Skrien Filmschrift, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
1979. Works and Words [exhibition catalogue], De Appel, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
1975. Seven Young Poles in Malmoe Konsthall [exhibition catalogue], Malmoe Kunsthall, Malmoe, Sweden.
1974. Repassage Miejski [exhibition catalogue], Galeria Repassage, Warsaw Uniwersity, Warsaw, Poland.
publications [writing]
2006. Performance, Internet, Art (What do we need the Internet for?). Obieg, [art webzine] , Obieg Online, Warsaw, Poland. >>>  
2005. If Tommy Thompson met Robert Smithson. Obieg 71 [art magazine], Warsaw, Poland.
2004. Diane Borsato - Warm Things To Chew for the Dead. FotoTapeta [art webzine], Warsaw, Poland. >>>  
2003. Notes from Toronto. FotoTapeta [art webzine], Warsaw, Poland. >>>  
2002. Toronto, Contact, Peter MacCallum. FotoTapeta [art webzine], Warsaw, Poland. >>>  
2001. Substitute City. FotoTapeta [art webzine], Warsaw, Poland. >>>  
1994. Personal and Public Matters. Obieg 57-58 [art magazine], Warsaw, Poland.
1994. Personal and Public Matters (2). Obieg 63-64-65 [art magazine], Warsaw, Poland.
1993. A Space. Obieg 45-46 [art magazine], Warsaw, Poland.
1993. 365 Days at Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation. Obieg 47-48 [art magazine], Warsaw, Poland.
1993. YYZ. Obieg 49-50 [art magazine], Warsaw, Poland.
1993. General Idea's fin de siecle. Obieg 51-52 [art magazine], Warsaw, Poland.
1993. Animal Locomotion; another year at Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation. Obieg 55-56 [art magazine], Warsaw, Poland.
1982. Auto-recordings. Obscura, [art magazine], Warsaw, Poland.
1978. Photography - Current State. Fotografia [art magazine], Warsaw, Poland.
Primary school years: Exploring industrial outskirts of Warsaw, Poland. Trips to scrapyards and construction sites. Rambling through the fields and streets.
Studies at The Film Academy in Lódz, Poland: Conceptual photography and experimental film. Participation in international independent art networks. Individual and group shows in Poland, Sweden, France, UK and Netherlands. Co-founding Zespól T, an art group focused on interpersonal explorations.
Solidarnosc times (1980-81): Establishing Personal Film Workshop in an arts centre in Warsaw. Continuing with Zespól T. Participation in Construction in Process, an international art event in Lódz.
Martial law years: Taking part in underground art movements in Poland. Artist's books. Intermedia work.
Waiting for the Wall to fall: Long walks in Berlin's east and west parts. Participation in group shows in Europe. Individual shows in Warsaw at Piwna 22/26, Mala Galeria and Pracownia Dziekanka.
Up until now: Exploring local coffee shops in Toronto and out of town. Participating in online initiatives. Ocassionally, writing on art. Continuing with individual and group art shows. Recently, working on a collection of films based on previous work.
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